How can HR help in Houston?

How can HR help in Houston?

There are a lot of things you can do besides just donating $10 to the Red Cross via text.

See if your company has a matching program and make a donation.

The organization I work for made a donation to the American Red Cross to assist with the recovery in Houston.  You can do the same here.

Short on cash? You can use this link to find a local blood collection center where you can donate blood that is badly needed in Houston right now.

If you want to work with someone who is trying to provide hands on help in Houston, then check out this Amazon shopping list from Franny Oxford who is asking for help in purchasing essential items to help people get started with the cleanup.

You can also donate to any to any of the following local Houston based charities, which are passed along by Franny:  a) Jewish Federation of Greater Houston b) American Red Cross Houston Texas c) Houston Food Bank d) Humane Society of Southeast Texas e) Habitat for Humanity

If you work for an employer  and want to think about helping out in Houston, Laurie Ruettimann wrote the playbook for that.

The Executive Summary on that:

  • Pay people for as long as you can.
  • Double down on remote work and transfers.
  • Think creatively about PTO.