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What is GroteWerks LLC?

GroteWerks is about the work of Michael VanDervort, which revolves around HR, labor relations and social media.

Our services fall into two main areas:

The first is working with Michael in his role as an expert in HR and social media. Our services include speaking, writing, and press/media services for conferences including blogging and social media promotion.

The second area of services we offer is consulting on positive workplace management with clients.

At GroteWerks LLC, we work closely with clients who want to build and support a high performing positive workplace for their employees every day. We help you to create and carry out strategies with your management team that will:

• Ensure your employees are valued and respected

• Foster an attitude of ownership and engagement in your workplace

•Create the strategies and tools you need to proactively manage your brand

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  1. Michael: Thanks for the interview on DriveThruHR! I’d love to meet while you’re in town. Let me know your schedule and what is possible. Looking forward to connecting!

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